WordPress Plugin for Donations

Looking for the Best payment gateway to send micro-payments or monetize your Website? Now Anyone in Sub-Sahara Africa can monetize their WordPress website and have their visitors show you support by sending a micro-donation SMS with our WordPress Plugin.


Easily Accept SMS Micro-donations

Accept tips and micro-donations with a WordPress Donate Button that securely sends micro-donations via SMS from a user’s airtime.

No Cash. No credit card. No Bank Cards. Just a mobile phone.

• Get an alternative “Donate Button” for PayPal Donate, Facebook Donate, Twitch Donate, Crypto Donation – with our FREE WordPress Donate button on Your Website

• Nigerian Payment Gateway and Ugandan payment Gateway Alternatives

• Alternative to GTPPay, Stripe Payment, InterSwitch Webpay


Trusted As Africa’s Leading App Monetization Platform

Relario AG is a fintech company based in Zug (Switzerland), specialized in mobile OTT (over the top) micropayment services. Our payment network across Africa ensures a secure and seamless payment solution along with our trusted network partnerships with MTN & Airtel Africa.

Leveraging more than 15 years of experience with financial and technical flows in the global telecommunications industry, we enable the unbanked access to paid content and get Digital Merchants paid with less risk.

How the WordPress Micro-Donate Plugin Works

Three easy steps to setup your micro-donations through WordPress

1. Setup a relario PAY Account

Create a relario PAY account to access the API Key to be used with the relario PAY WordPress Micro-Donation Plugin.

2. Download The relario PAY Donate WordPress Plugin

Relario PAY WordPress Donation Plugin is in Beta Testing. Simply click the “Download Now” button for early access.

3. Integrate the relario PAY WordPress Button

The relario PAY WordPress Micro-Donation Plugin can be added to any WordPress theme with a short-code or Gutenberg builder. The user simply clicks the button and their mobile phone automatically opens the SMS for them to click “send”.

Use Cases for our WordPress Plugin

Your audience like your website?

Give your audience a mean to support you. They click and send SMS, we pay you for it! Simple.

People appreciate your community effort?

Sending a regular SMS as a micro donation for you can be done by everyone with a mobile phone.

You have plenty of followers?

Whether you’re a streamer or an influencer, let your followers easily send a micro donation through SMS to your “tip jar” as a way for them to show you support.

As easy as Plug and Pay!

Completely free with no risk.

Set it up in 5 minutes and start collecting. Monitor incoming donations realtime online.

What Are the Benefits?


Donations can be made quickly and easily using a mobile phone, without the need for a bank account or physical cash.


Donations made using SMS airtime are processed instantly, allowing organizations to access funds more quickly.


Mobile phones are widespread, even in areas with limited access to traditional banking services, making airtime donations accessible to a wider range of people.

Financial Inclusion

For those living in rural areas or for those who are unbanked or underbanked, sending SMS payments is the answer!


Convenient and Efficient

People can send and receive money via their mobile phones without the need for cash or cards.

Bypass Bank Payment Gateways

Banking payment gateways are often complicated to integrate. Bypass the bank and accept payment from SMS.