Opportunities for Telecom Operators!

For over 15 years Relario has built an exemplary record working with the largest Voice and SMS operators, hubs and wholesale carriers in the telecoms industry worldwide, creating ancillary revenue by billing phone based content & services.

The rapid increase of smartphone usage, even in developing countries, presents an opportunity to Digital Merchants of online content but huge challenges in enabling users to pay for it. Relario’s OTT Payment solution, using revenue share on international termination rates on its bespoke numbering resources, delivers a solution to the problem and an opportunity for carriers and operators alike to create a new and exciting ancillary revenue stream.

AI and specifically deep and swarm learning technology allow Relario to propose users the right numbers to call or text to pay for and access a Digital Merchant’s content or service.

Let us be the bridge between the worlds of Telecom and Digital content. Join us now to explore the different opportunities your traffic collection abilities or number resources may offer in our bid to deliver to the unbanked access to paid content and services.