Worldwide Mobile Number Recon

relario Mobile Number Recon services are provided through a variety of standard interfaces like HTTP and SMPP and can thus easily be integrated with existing client applications.

relario Network Check

Our Network Check service provides a very fast and cost efficient way to determine which network operator a mobile number belongs to. The info returned is up-to date and may be obtained by querying a local number portability database. This service is not meant to verify if a mobile number is valid. This is particulaly relevant for countries with mobile number portability.

relario VerifyMe Standard

verify network
The Verify Standard service makes a real time query to the home network to which the queried mobile number pertains. Therefore it can be used for a validity check of the queried number and provides a rich set of additional information making it the ideal tool for web applications, customer database maintenance and many other applications.

relario VerifyMe Advanced

verify network advanced
Offering all the features of the VerifyMe Standard service, the VerifyMe Advanced service has been designed with network operators or aggregators in mind who require precise real-time message routing information. Ask for our updated coverage list of destination networks for which we can offer you this high-caliber service.