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Fast and secure delivery

relario customer satisfactionWe help you to deliver your message to your clients and partners no matter where they are or how numerous they may be.

Relario makes it as easy for you as writing an E-Mail but with fast and secure proven delivery.

10 years of experience and in-house development

relario AG was established in 2005 as BebbiCell AG in Basel as a fully licensed MNO in Switzerland and in September 2017 renamed. For years relario has been at the forefront of mobile messaging technology for business-to-consumer communication.

Based on more than 10 years of experience and in-house development, relario today provides mobile messaging and voice wholesale as well as mobile payment services to clients around the globe with tens of millions transactions every month.
relario clients appreciate the reliability and ease of use of relario services.

relario is a registered telecommunuications provider with Ofcom and part of Forsage Group, Ireland